Searching under recent tab returns same results every time

When using the search bar under the recent tab, the results returned for the search are always the same with all recent assets appearing in order rather than only recent assets relevant to the search.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open up the toolbox
  2. Switch to the Recent tab
  3. Enter any search term and search
  4. The results will be exactly the same every time

I encountered with this bug before, didn’t think much of it but the only current solution is to press Enter, might have to do it twice so it will show your desired result.

I do indeed think this needs to be patched, though.

I have tried your solution, but it does not appear to work. The results are the same every time as the search is entirely broken.

Oh? This must’ve only stopped completely working today then, because yesterday this happened and I tried my solution and it worked fine. Fingers crossed it will be fixed this week… :crossed_fingers:

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