Seas of Conflict Updates

This is the official update log for the game Seas of Conflict, the latest updates can be found at the bottom of the page. Dates are listed in month/day/year format. You can set your notifications to “watching” to get notified of new updates.

If you own a private server, you can use the commands listed below within your server. If a command entry is multiple words, wrap it in quotation marks in order for it to be processed as a single entry. If you need additional help with the admin system you can talk to an administrator.

  • :to Username
  • :bring Username
  • :team Username Team
  • :respawn Username
  • :message Message
  • :kick Username Reason
  • :sban Username Reason
  • :unsban Username

9/2/2022 Update

  • Entirely new gun kit, features a new ammo system, first person mode, close range hit scan detection, shotgun capabilities, and more.
  • Added the M16A4, AUG A3, CZ Scorpion, FAL, FAMAS G2, M60A2, MP9, Mk23, Mossberg 500, UTS-15, P90, PKP, Nano, P99, and VZ Scorpion.
  • Replaced the F117 on the US team with the Harrier. Has stats equivalent to that of the CN JH-7.
  • Replaced Chinese patrol boat with Type-022.
  • Added the ammo box and medkit, both free in the gear loadout.
  • Redid the Arleigh Burke and Ticonderoga models.
  • New sounds on many of the vehicles and guns.
  • Fixed mobile action button issues, should no longer duplicate.
  • Redid launcher scripts, more responsive and accurate.
  • Made changes to the loadout UI properties panel.
  • Fixed the repair tool.
  • Improvements to the admin system.

11/11/2022 Update

  • Added ragdoll on death and when falling from heights or exceeding a certain threshold velocity. Damage dealt from falling varies from 0-80.
  • You can now jump in water, this is to allow players to climb ladders while swimming, such as the oil rigs.
  • Increased player count from 30 to 40.
  • Increased kill merits from 100 to 200.
  • Replaced vehicle terminal, new cooldown system which also means all vehicles are now free to spawn.
  • Added the SPEAR, Steyr Scout, Chinese Tactical Helmet, and Chinese Hat 3.
  • Added sights to several existing pistols.
  • Fixed gamepad gun sensitivity issues.
  • Replaced M4A1 model and vest models.
  • Replaced carrier ladders.
  • Fixed backpack appearing while swimming bug.

1/27/2023 Update

  • All new maps, old ones are gone, 3 new ones and more coming in future updates. Current maps are named Orient, Taskforce, and Wavebreaker.
  • New interface, vastly improved design and cross platform compatibility.
  • You can now spawn on friendly ships, such as the Arleigh Burke, Ticonderoga, Frigate54, and Frigate53.
  • New uniform variants and accessories.
  • Improved jet takeoff and landing.
  • Added QSZ-92, QCQ-05, VHS2, and L115A3.
  • Reduced jet cooldown from 60 seconds to 30.
  • Decreased ragdoll down time from 3 seconds to 2.
  • Changed ragdoll end velocity criteria to fix known bugs.
  • Nerfed ship missile radius and speed.
  • Added controller scrolling frame compatibility.
  • Added gun sway and changed viewport display in gun FPS.
  • Fixed character despawn issues, mainly when getting killed on board vessels.
  • Added 2 new settings for hiding user interface, ideal for taking nice pictures/videos.
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5/20/2023 Update

  • Added gamemodes and map/mode voting at the beginning of each round.
  • Replaced the ship movement scripts, they no longer experience weird physics, helicopters can land on them, and they should perform better.
  • UI overhaul, fixed a lot of bugs and vastly improved performance.
  • New map, “Fortress”.
  • Global kill feed.
  • Added oil rigs and mountains to most the maps.
  • Changed the lighting technology from Future to ShadowMap.
  • Updated the FPS viewport lighting.
  • Modified all jet speed stats.
  • Modified all helicopter movement stats.
  • Chat is now enabled while the spawn menu is open.
  • Added zoom controls to gamepads, DPad up and down, and as a result changed the jet speed controls from up and down to left and right.

8/6/2023 Update

  • New map, “Archipelago”, a remastered version of the original
  • New mode, “Carrier Assault”, each team must both defend their carrier while attacking the other. Detonate all 3 bombs inside the enemy carrier to win. This mode is primarily infantry close quarters combat
  • New vests, Alice Pack, and US FAST helmets
  • Can no longer vote for the previous map/mode
  • Removed sprint stamina
  • Updated jet mouse controls, pitch direction now scales the same as yaw
  • Jet control inputs now add on top of each other, so now you can both use touch and gyro input at the same time
  • Improved mobile jet gyro input
  • Added camera FPS toggle, Q for PC and aim button on mobile
  • New mobile controls editor, click the arrows button in the topbar to toggle
  • Launchers now have a fire button on mobile rather than having to tap the screen
  • Fixed deploy menu mobile camera panning
  • AH-64E frontal cannon should work better on mobile
  • Disabled attack helicopters on naval combat mode
  • Removed HK pants on Chinese team since it was identical to the universal pants
  • Nerfed health on AH-64E, Z-19, A-10, and Q-5
  • FPS viewport lighting should look a little better
  • Moved Type-022 and RCB into their own category, so they have a separate spawn timer from the RHIB
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1/15/2024 Update

  • Added DV-15 attack boat and Mk VI patrol boat
  • Added CH-47 and Ka-32 transport helicopters
  • Added Special Forces Pack gamepass. Includes SOC-R attack boat, MP5SD, and LVOA
  • New gamepass icons, some are still in the works and are actively being rolled out
  • New F18 model
  • New ship damage effects, you can catch on fire if you touch flames
  • New ship embark system, you can board from any side
  • You can now kick enemies out of seats on ships by using the proximity prompt
  • Ship driver now dies when ship is destroyed
  • Updated ship death animation
  • RHIB, RCB, DV-15, and SOC-R can now be used by the opposing team
  • Tools now point to mouse location, this is purely visual and does not effect gameplay
  • Rebalanced ship healths, ship cannons are more effective
  • Rebalanced jet weapon damages
  • Fixed bug where you can equip tools in a helicopter by dipping in water
  • Fixed map/mode voting reseting bug
  • Fixed double respawn bug
  • Performance improvements
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