Seaside Bistro Hibachi Restaurant Server Guidelines

Please review our rules below as we do not take any violations lightly, understand that breaking rules will result in consequences.

  1. Advertising is strictly prohibited in our communications server.

  2. Any form of spamming is prohibited in our communications server.

  3. It is vital for all guests and members in our communications server to respect others.

  4. NSFW content is strictly forbidden here. It is not necessary to send NSFW content in our server.

  5. Swearing/cursing is allowed to a certain extent. It is not allowed if you are using swear words in a derogatory way or to disrespect someone.

  6. Do not post anything that may be able to dox you, or others. Leaking someone’s personal information is strictly prohibited.

  7. Any form of discrimination is extremely prohibited in our communications server.

  8. You should not ping any Executive members for no reason unless necessary.

  9. No asking or hinting for ranks/promotions anywhere. It is prohibited in our server.

  10. Any form of leaking is not allowed, this means MR+/formers leaking confidential information/channels.

*:dash: Please ensure you are following all of Discord’s ToS, as well as following our guidelines. You automatically agree to follow them by being in our Discord server. Any Moderator has the ability to determine your consequences if you break any of our rules. :dash: