Seasons Resort | Staff Rules & Guidelines

Staff Code of Conduct


  • Professionalism behavior must be shown in all Seasons Resort games and communications server.

  • All conversations must be appropriate for others.

  • Be respectful, mature, caring and kind.

  • Do NOT start drama… such as fighting with guests, group members or staff members.

  • Abusing caps is not tolerated. Do not go like “LMAO or LOL… instead it could be “Lmao or Lol”.

  • Always wear appropriate outfits and clothing.

  • Use grammar at all times. Too many grammatical mistakes will lead to consequences.

  • Don’t only be strict and professional, but be mature too at all times.

  • Moderation or Administration powers are not to be abused in game or anywhere else. MR/HR get those powers.


  • Do not troll at other business or allied groups. Most especially, Seasons Resort.

  • Exploiting is not tolerated at Seasons Resort. It is also not allowed at other places.

  • Do not mass or minor spam at other locations on ROBLOX and Seasons Resort.

  • Going to allied groups requires maturity, kindness, and respect… you will go to allied group games to have an enjoyable time while visiting. You will go there professionally and kindly, but not strict.

  • Wear appropriate outfits and clothing.

  • Moderation or Administration powers are not to be abused in the game or anywhere else. MR/HR get those powers.

Online Behavior:

  • Cyberbullying is not permitted online, against the felony law. We will report you to the Federal Investigation if caught.

  • Do not scam other users.

  • Sharing personal privacy information with others is not tolerated and sharing other private information of someone else’s to other ROBLOX players is not tolerated either.

  • Exposing users is not permitted.

  • Attempting to do illegal business financial or trading for a group is not permitted with our group or others if found out you will be permanently banned.

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