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Training Host Guide - Seasons Resort

Teaming Information

Teaming Information:
team (host-username) host
team (trainer-username) trainer
team (helper-username) helper
team (overseer-username) overseer


We expect all staff to arrive 5 minutes before slocking time because the host needs to be prepared and ready to begin at least a minute early, we hate to see the host rushing at the last minute. Please stay seated in your seats throughout the rules and guidelines the host structures out to you and the customers.

These are some basic guidelines the host must have done before slocking the server, if your server hasn’t followed all these steps before slocking time, please delay the session and remember to not rush things.

Important Information

Have all staff in their seats & named.
Kick any excess staff.
Try to have the correct amount of Interviewers with a Back-Up.
Make sure you do your s-locking shout on time.
Make sure you have no more than 5 supervisors/overseers at the session because it can be confusing.
The basic requirements are Trainers and Helpers.

Shouting Templates

Shouting Templates:
All these shouts are the templates you must use in this guide or your own as they feature the requirements a shout must have. Please use this, if caught using another un-detailed shout may even lead to a sanction to be put in place. Shouts represent the way we look, we don’t want to be caught looking like a bad group. Don’t worry if you have safe-chat, we always allow safe chatters in all ranks, we just require you to message another High Rank without it to do your rank. NO Exceptions, please don’t try to evade this rule, as doing things like 1O instead of 10 on your shout looks very unprofessional, so please follow this rule. Not doing so may result in a sanction or suspension.

Training | Hosted by (USERNAME) | 0:00 [AM/PM/TIMEZONE] | Awaiting Trainees are encouraged to join, Customer Service+ may assist. Resort Guest - Receptionist will be removed from the server.

Pieces of training | We have s-locked the server, sorry to those who couldn’t make it. Why not head on down to the Resort for a milkshake to cheer you up? Sounds good to me.

Trainings | We have finished up, everyone is ranked. Congratulations to the passers why not head down to the Resort to celebrate? If you failed attend another session in the future!

Training | The training session has been canceled, due to (reason).

Starting the Session

Starting the Session:
Once all the staff and customers, or any Honours Members are ready and in positions, you need to slock the server and do your s-locking shout on the group shout. Please make sure all staff are prepared, got the guide and questions are answered.

Your Script

Your Script:
Please announce all these scripts in Server Message, and not Message due to it appearing as not your name instead of as Seasons Resort.
The scripts below are for the Host do announce.
There is no prefix, you can use the command in silent admin or in chatbox: sm

Permission to speak is now enabled, if you have any questions state PTS and a supervisor will come up to you and resolve the Question/Concern. If you talk without permission this will lead to a removal from the server.

Greetings Seasons Resort, and welcome to this training session! My name is (USERNAME) and I will be your host for today’s session. We wish you the best of luck throughout your training.

I am now going to talk about some guidelines, tips, and notices for your training session. Also some memorable things you may want to note for your future here at Seasons Resort.

Please thank the staff members that have joined today’s session, they have put away some of their spare time to come and help you. Remember to say thank you to them after or once you’re brought to the counter by them.

We promote a lot of people as some of you may notice, but you do NOT hint for a promotion. This can lead to sanction or a suspension, also it will lower your chance of being promoted in the future.

Our communications server more frequently known as a discard server is a great way to keep in touch with each other and to announce our sessions.

At the Resort please follow any procedures a rank that’s higher than you gives you if you’re unsure on anything they may tell you and you wanna double check if you’re supposed to be doing this contact an SHR.


Please also announce these on sm known as server message.

I will be now going over guidelines that you must follow in order to avoid any consequences or fail.

Please listen carefully to the following steps, they may help you pass your training successfully without any warnings or grammar mistakes.

Rule 1 | All these rules are crucial to your training today, you must abide by them at all times throughout this session so you pass successfully. If you refuse to could lead to a kick, and you may not attend this session any further.

Rule 2 | You must be professional at all times, this can higher your chances of passing today’s training. Professionalism is something that is also important throughout your job as well if you pass.

Rule 3 | Permission to speak is always effect during the training. Speaking without permission will be removed from the server, this is only not in effect once your training has started or you’ve answered a question. We don’t tolerate messing about or any misbehaving!

Rule 4 | Grammar strikes will be given, you must use grammar in your interview and now. You will be given III grammar strikes if you lose all of your strikes you’ve automatically failed.

Rule 5 | Please do not leave the server without getting ranked or your training will be voided, this may result in your not having a rank and you may miss the next session so only left until dismissed or wait to be kicked.

Rule 6 | Please abide by all Roblox Terms of Service and rules, following these rules stop you from being rude. And any breaking these rules we will report you to Roblox.

Rule 7 | Respect others and staff, any sort of disrespect and rudeness isn’t tolerated and you will be kicked straight away with no questions, as you have disrupted the session.

Rule 8 | Bringing drama to the session if you have failed or got a grammar strike, this can also lead to a kick, if you think there was a valid reason please contact the host or your trainer in a nice way.

Rule 9 | Trolling is not tolerated here at any industry but, especially not here. The staff have spent their own time coming here, so please don’t waste their time.

Rule 10 | Good luck, and have fun with your training. Don’t fret I’m sure you’re all going to do well in the session.

That is all for me to list, I am now going to hand you over to your trainers. Good luck, Trainers please bring your Trainees to your selected training areas.

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