Seat Block keeps coming back to its original place if you move it [HELP]

The porblem

I don’t know if this is an actual problem but I want to know how to stop this from doing that, I’ve put a seat block on a couch and I tested it, but my avatar was levitating off the couch, so I tried to fix it by moving the block down, but when I move the block down it goes right back up. Any help?
robloxapp-20200523-1422178.wmv (825.3 KB)

Thank you for reading.

Is your Seat Anchored? It used to be that Seats would sit a player funny if they were Anchored so you had to weld them to your furniture, but Roblox fixed that issue and you can just Anchor them now.

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Thanks so much. I didn’t think anchoring would fix it.