Seat pose brings the character's position somewhere else

I need help with this seat pose.

I’ve been using @TwinPlayzDev 's “Sit Poses” model to help me make seat poses. The problem is, whenever I test play it and I sit down in the seat, I’m definitely not in the right area. View the images below to understand more.

I’ve already tried looking for solutions, but, I’ve found none so far.

In Studio with animation editor:

In game:

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From my trashy past of my animating course, The seat is not in the correct place. Adjusting the seat in the center of the animation square thing will probably fix it.

Ya so, to normally fix this.

I would recommend, placing down a new dummy.

Then moving the chair right to its position like its legs…

Then animate from there?

Sorry, could you be a bit more specific? I don’t quite understand. :sweat_smile:

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you can see that seat isnt at the center. can u make an animation again? and make chair stay at the center

I made the seat transparent.

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The seat is not in the center of the animation. Redo the animation completely, Insert the animation in the animation editor(if your using it). And the animation priority o idle. Export the animation and copy its ID. Go to the chair model in explorer, open up the chair, go to the object “Seat” and go to its properties. Go to the animation ID and paste the new ID of the animation. Test the game and see if it works fine.

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