Seatball Simulator! Throw players off of the platform using seatballs!

This is quite literally a simulator.

You gain coins by throwing players off the platform!


What I think about the game:

The map is amazing
When you touch the player the ball sticks to them and a gui pops up saying you owned them if you pushed them off the map.

This isn’t exactly something you need to grow on, but I feel having it on daylight and not being able to change to night time will improve the game. I believe the nighttime setting only adds a sad feeling. I’m not sure how to describe it, but the map gives me a bright positive vibe during the day and a new vibe at night. That’s just a preference there’s nothing really to change. It’s great!

It’s fantastic! I’m not sure what the game’s full objective is, or whether it’s a simulator that needs to get more coins or something. I never play simulators. Overall I think it’s great.

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It’s a game where you throw players off a platform using seatballs.

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i don’t think oc meant literally lol

The lobby mushroom is hollow and if you fill it up with balls it makes a wicked sound, also the game was empty but I did notice one thing, the balls make a sound whenever they hit a surface and I feel like you could play with that more, maybe a goofy team match where players can use the ball sounds to disorient other players, eitherway the lobby was fun and its a good concept, just needs actual players lol

I’m going to add different maps that generate depending on how long most players have lasted.
These maps are going to be more difficult and involve obstacles.