Seats not working after the first use

After a player walks up and sits on a seat, they jump off that seat, they can no longer get on any seat again until they have reset their character. The bug happens in studio or any game where players can sit on a seat. This started happening in the past day and happens for both R15 and R6 characters.

Open up any game with seats that are activated by touching them. You can sit once, but after getting off that seat, no seat works until the character is reset. This happens in both Studio and live games.


Yup this is happening in my game and causing a lot of issues. The SeatPart property of Humanoid is not being properly set to nil on the server once a player exits a seat.


This is ruining my game, Rails Unlimited, as players are unable to spawn a new train after leaving the first one (due to the server thinking they are still sitting).

This started occurring around an hour ago.

Client is aware the character is not sitting anymore, but the server fails to update.


Tends to vary for users in my game. Some having the issues, other’s are not experiencing it at all.


Can confirm this was just consistently happening in Eclipsis. It makes the game almost unplayable in some situations.

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Also happens for me as well. it seems to happen in almost any of my games I’ve been working on and normal games you may find on the front page.

This is the error we get with it



All the seats within my game, which heavily relies on the seats, are broken as well. This includes not just regular seats, but vehicle seats and plane seats. Issue started arising within the last hour or so.

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I’m having this problem on every game. It’s quite annoying for most games since you have to use the seats for example to drive a car, while the whole game is based on driving a car. It may also ruin some games because they are based on the functions of the seat system.

Already thanks to the Engineers that will fix this. :+1:

Thanks for letting us know. Our engineers are looking into this!


The point of robloxcriticial is to notify the engineers in a hurry, if you read the reply above yours you’d see a staff member acknowledging the issue and confirming the engineers are working on it. No need to notify those already notified, is it?


For the meantime, I fixed seats in our game, Prison Showdown, by manually setting the Sit property on Humanoids to false whenever UserInputService.JumpRequest is fired.


Some people in my group say that the passenger seats seem to not work correctly but the driver seat works correctly a bit odd.


This is fixed. You may need to restart your mobile or Xbox app.


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