Seat:Sit(player) does not cause legs to fold?

When I try to make an NPC sit using Seat:Sit(), their legs do not fold. Reference picture:

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Are you running animations on that rig at the same time? Specifically animations the effect the legs and have a priority > Core?

There is an animate script in the character so that when I make him walk the legs move like they would with a normal player. However, he doesn’t walk at all at this point in the show. He simply just gets teleported to the bed.

You could create an Animation and use LoadAnimation to load it to the humanoid, and then play it. You could set the Animation’s AnimationId to the sitting animation, which means that the humanoid will play the sitting animation. You can stop the sitting animation at any time whenever the sitting is complete. Hope this helped!

Maybe This I Made On Roblox Studio Will Works.

Only Make Your Own Animation It Will Be Like This.

Test.rbxl (64.5 KB)

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