Sebax 76 / Feedback from my garage with realistic reflections

Hi, Iā€™m sebax76, I recently made this garage, focusing mostly on the graphics, we are thinking by the development team to create a racing video game, even the result is not finished, this is just a test / concept, just a test of how much the roblox graphics engine could limit us when it comes to graphics section issues,and also upload more graphics , this compilation only tries to bring reflections a little higher, more graphics testing will be done soon . :slightly_smiling_face:

but anyway, I wanted to know your opinions about how does this look, it may be something simple,Maybe soon add more photos or a video demonstrating the reflections of the vehicle.

(some reflections are made with some tricks as roblox studio is limited in some graphics capabilities).

thanks for watching this :smiley:


Iā€™m wordering how you can add shaders below the floor ? i tried but nah, can not do like you.
Could you tell me how to do that ?
Thank you.

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sure, well first it is not a floor with real reflections, it is just a floor with a bit of transparency and with all the objects in the environment duplicated downwards giving the illusion that a reflection is

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I forgot to mention that the vehicle in the image is not mine, it is only a free model, the model was to test this.