Second Ever UI Design

Second Ever UI [feedback appreciated] , no tutorial used, can make custom work on my portfolio , which you can view here : [OPEN] Visual Artist For Hire


$250 robux is very affordable for this kind of GUI and it’s nicely done too. Very good! You only have room to improve too so I’m excited for the 3rd one and 4th one and so on.


Not sure if this is the place to “advertise” that it is offsale. This category is mainly for getting feedback. If you want to sell you work, add it to your portfolio.


I would say adding neomorphic design would make this look better.

sorry my IQ is of a brick wall, but what is that?

Also known as neumorphism (I believe that’s what they’re referring to). It’s a style of UI design that has a soft plastic-y look and feels very “clickable;” like you could almost physically touch it.

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