Second time drawing 2D | Thoughts and Feedback

So basically yesterday I drew my first ever 2D piece of art, which I reckon turned out pretty well.

Today I would like some feedback using another style!
The piece :point_down:

I would love feedback and what you think of it and what could be changed for next time :grin:

Thanks :tada:


Love 2 drawing done and like how the reflection of 2d keep up mu good sir😁

I feel like the shading is too dark on the right side of the face, it looks like a different skin tone. I’d make it lighter and closer to the original skin color.

Also, if I would think of where lighting is coming from. ( front, behind, left, right, ect. ) Make sure if one side is shaded, that the areas that are on that side are also be shaded. If that makes any sense.

This is assuming that the face has a shadow, but it might not be.

The hair on the character is creating the shadow, if you like, on the head. I appreciate your feedback, thank you very much :grin: :thumbsup:

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