Secret Project Cover Art

Hey everybody!

I am asking for you all to give me some feedback on the brand new cover art for an upcoming project by Light Yeti Studios. Below is the cover art.

Please don’t leak our hard work!

Ryan, Founder/Owner of Light Yeti Studios :roblox:

© Light Yeti Studios 2021


Assuming that you made it in Studio, I recommend increasing the render quality up a bit to get rid of the jagged lines. Add some more details like planets or stars since it looks really bland. I don’t like how the astronaut blends in with the background. I almost thought it was a weird building at first sight. The text is kinda meh. There are some jagged edges around it, and the font choice just doesn’t appeal to me.

6/10 One of the better Studio GFXs I’ve seen so far. The usage of sun rays effect is pretty neat imo.

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I think the silhouette effect is awesome! One of the only things I’d do is make that the more central focus, with the text being shrunk and more simplified (at least the word “The”).

In order to get around @HybridEclipze 's criticism of the silhouette while keeping a similar style, I’d suggest rendering out the scene in Blender and adding a light for highlight reflections in the helmet to define the fact that it is an astronaut.

I do agree about adding some visual detail, perhaps the suggested planets/stars or a ship. When working in such a simple, cinematic style, it’s easy for audiences to lose interest even though people like you and me may love that style from an artistic point of view.

That gets me to my main suggestion – I’d love to see some renders from the game itself. The gaming community at large (and especially on Roblox) don’t tend to respond to mysterious imagery very well. This frame fits very well as an introduction to the game, a teaser, or the opening to a trailer, but as a standalone it might not perform as expected.

Finally – to give some actual feedback on the text beyond sizing, I have a question for you. Is the theme of the game more serious and/or scary, or more laid back and adventurous?

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The reason the sky is so bland is due to the atmosphere I use. As the jagged lines, I took the image at the max quality so I will need to look into that! Thank you so much for the feedback!

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I would love to answer all your questions but I actually cannot at this point. The game is still at an unplayable stage and is currently secret. As for the title that is not actually the real game name just a masked version of it. Thank you for the feedback! :happy2: :happy3: