Secret* Voice Chat API (Lua Functions)

Hey guys, did you know there’s actually a secret* Voice Chat Lua API that Roblox didn’t tell you about?

As of posting this, all of these functions work as intended.

PS: They say deprecated but I’m sure as heck Roblox still maintains them.

I can’t guarantee these will remain, but as the engine uses these functions I doubt they’ll remove them any time soon, and keep in mind this won’t update the overhead icons, and it may not update the pause menu either, so if you wanna use these, you’re best off implementing your own using BillboardGuis or something and the functions I’m listing below:


This will mute/unmute a specific user (Like the overhead icon does):

This will mute/unmute everyone (like the mute all button In the pause menu does):

This will mute/unmute your mic:

Also, you can use these to implement your own overhead icons as a bug workaround like I mentioned above using BillboardGuis, etc etc:

Check if someone is muted:

Check if you are muted:

*It’s listed on APIs but little people have knowledge of how to interact with it, or that it even exists.


I think this should be moved to #resources:community-resources

also you can go to the docs and find them