Section for FRs from Verified Users

Currently, the Friend Requests tab serves no purpose to any well known creator on Roblox, as it is always flooded with thousands of friend requests from users. Adding a section in the “Friends/Following/Followers/Requests” section of the site that lists friend requests from verified users only would make it much easier for verified users to connect with each other. This feature wouldn’t have any impact on most Roblox users if the section was only made available to verified users exclusively. This way the 99.9% of Roblox users that do not need this feature would not need to see it.


Isn’t there an “ignore all” button?

You can accept a friend request from a users page directly, not to mention friend requests show up newest to oldest.

I like the thought behind this but it’s such a niche and absurdly specific issue (and arguably not even an issue in the first place considering you can accept from a users page) that I don’t see much point to this at all.

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hi cpguy5089,

There is an “ignore all” button. This feature does not resolve the issue I explained in the original post. This feature also does not offer similar functionality to the feature I requested, which means it is not a substitute. The “ignore all” button will reject all inbound friend requests, including those from users I may had hoped to connect with.

This does not address the fact that I do not know which verified users would like to connect. It also assumes that I am only interested in networking with people who I have already somehow connected with, since I would need to be anticipating a friend request.

If this is the case then why does an inbound friend request section even exist? I actually found it very useful before I started receiving hundreds on a daily basis and now it serves no purpose to me. This feature would make connecting with other content creators significantly easier, which is something necessary to developers on Roblox. I’ve been able to form some connections on LinkedIn, but this small and simple change would bring the networking functionality of LinkedIn to Roblox for verified creators.

Do you mean that the issue is “absurdly specific” because quantitatively it only applies to a small portion of Roblox users? Roblox has shown consistent interest in appealing to the needs of the small fraction of users that are responsible for their platform and revenue. The issue becomes a lot less specific when you focus on this fraction of users.

It can probably be estimated that the top 1000 creators alone are responsible for all of Roblox’s Revenue, and maybe even just the top 100 are probably responsible for like 90% of it. I mean Adopt Me alone earns Roblox over $100M USD per year if I’m not mistaken. I’m also pretty sure the Adopt Me team actually works inside the walls of Roblox HQ, so this would mean that their game-specific feature requests are even more absurdly specific than my request. Also should in-person RDC just not exist anymore since it only applies to a small fraction of Roblox users? 90% of RDC is networking, anyone can watch the presentations online.

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yes, this seems like a good idea. Similar to how twitter has a verified section in notifications. Its a good way to see friend requests from people that isn’t spam.