Sectional game pay-outs/revenue

When it goes to group games, it’d be awesome if there could be multiple distribution sections.

For example here, it shows that I will distribute 65% to my partner, MrHistory, and 35% towards myself. What if in another game from a group is worked on a different set of people?

It’d be great if ROBLOX made sectional pay-outs (meaning I could determine the % pay-out per game on who worked on that game instead of of just % of the whole group only)

Any clarifications needed can just be on a reply below :slight_smile:


I’ve also come across this problem.

100% Support on this!

This has been discussed many times already.


yet it has to happen. :stuck_out_tongue: this should really be higher priority not like #1 but at least in the top as group games are really becoming to be a “thing” and with VIP Servers being released for groups there is a huge block being removed from people not wanting to use group games because of the disabilities it has.

More games made by groups = the need of better management for group games.

Maybe if we can get a word or two from a roblox employee on this?