Secuirty room help

I need help on what to add to this security room my games theme is sci-fi meltdown freezedown type game. (inspired by innovation games) If you have anything i should add to it please let me know!


Hmm. There is a lot of empty space and add more computers or just squish them together more

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Have a like huge tv screen up on the wall showing what they are working on

Add more details to the slightly bland walls.

I agree with this, @spydercam500, you should add big screens at the wall.

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Ive been trying to ad some with pictures on them of the whol facility but should they being hanging from the roof or on the wall?

I think you should add it on the wall.

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Yeah add it on the wall like I said lol

Quick off topic question but how do i take high res screenshots ive been trying to but its low quality.

Idk I have been trying to figure it out too

Try using the snipping tool, this is the one that I use.

How many screens should there be?

It should be in your computer if your computer is Windows, try searching up at the Windows Search Bar.

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Are you talking about the screens in the security room?

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Yes how many should there be or should it be the number of how many rooms i have.

It’s your choice, but if you want a suggestion, you should probably make 3 big screens.

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You could add some more design in the middle there. Like adding a big, circular plate that is darker than the floor.

Should i make the material metal? or keep it the same?

What should be on the big screens?

You should use “glass” material, if you are talking about the screens.