Secure code redemption GUI


So, I saw a lot of youtube tutorials teaching people how to make a code redemption GUI, but they always had the same flaw… - putting the codes on the client.

I don’t think I need to explain to you why that’s a bad thing, but It’s absolutely horrible.

Anyways, I spent a bit making a new one trying to think of every security feature I possibly could - server side rate limiting, pcall datastores, etc.

codeGui.rbxm (8.9 KB)

Feel free to give your feedback (on the scripting, not the GUI design)


It’s nice, but there’s like 5 lines of comments overall. There’s not much explanation behind what it does, and how to use it and modify it for themselves.

Perhaps you could add more comments, or you could explain how to use it here.

Other than that, it’s nice to see this on here while being secure, especially if others are mostly client-side and lack good security measures. :+1:


Good job! I looked through scripts and it seems pretty easy to add a code, so a plus for that. Although, you should make the TextBox transparent and make the TextColor3 white, same thing for the TextButton aswell.


It would be nice if you supplied any of the following:

  • Screenshots
  • Further explanations (e.g. albeit it being said many times that the client shouldn’t be trusted, don’t assume everyone knows what that phrase means for all contexts)
  • Information for people who don’t download the file but wish to overview your resource

A useful tool, I suppose. Code redemption has seen itself as a very popular aspect of games. It encourages players to check out the social media profiles for a game and boosts the community feel.


Yes, I second this. I’d recommend putting it in a Gist or in a GitHub repository so people can take a quick look at it without downloading and opening a file

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