Securing HttpService

HttpService is the way to send data from your game to a website to be stored. My biggest question is how do I secure this data. Of course all this data is on a ServerScript, so hackers shouldn’t be able to see data be sent, but in the off chance of an exploiter/hacker finding this website, can’t they just :PostAsync() to it to? And if so how do I stop this? Is there some kind of key I can send over to my website to stop this? Because I really don’t want my data to be corrupted or altered. Thank you!

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If they find the website they can prob find the key.

Roblox is making the new Secret item thing for issues like this, but for now you can just use a code.

Using a secret API key for your website would be the way to go.
When your website receives requests, if a request has the correct key, let them do their thing, if they don’t, then return a 400 (Bad Request).

make an authentication token only the server and the website knows
otherwise just return a 401 not authorized
liek if youre handling the code with express for example:

app.get("/", (req, res) => {
    if (["key"] == "woah a cool secret key that only you and the server know") {
        return res.send(200)
    } else {
        return res.send(401)

lol my code is probably inaccurate but u get the idea