Security Cameras Feedback

I modeled recently some Security Cameras, If you can please give me feedback!



Thanks for any feedback!


They look great!

Are they for decoration, or will they have a use of any sort?

It looks perfect for any game/model which needs security cameras!

I also think that it would be better to make the lens more like the roof camera’s color and texture. Maybe there could be a glowing red light on top instead?

Otherwise, I love it.

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Looks dope! They look really nice :smiley:

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Wow, looks fantastic. One suggestion: For the roof cameras you should make them a little darker and shiny. But that’s insanely good, gg!

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I really like the roof camera! Would look perfect in any homestore or hotel game for added realism. (Not saying normal is bad, would look great in a prison!)

Wish you could FM them, I would definitely use them.

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I love the simplistic design of the roof-camera.
You could add reflectance to the red part of the Normal-Camera.
Other then that it looks amazing :grinning:

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I love it! The roof cam makes me feel like I’m playing rainbow 6 :+1:

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