Security Issues, What can be done to improve account security

these are all meant to be turned on/off in settings, but also should have like pop ups to do this


Let us use our google keys on our roblox accounts. Basically, if someone gets our password, 2fa, .ROBLOSECURITY or anything, they cannot get access to your account unless you have the ACTUAL IRL KEY.


2: Third party 2FA (maybe only have it restricted to verified/well known/trusted 2FA Apps.

3: Make a password requirement (upgrade it). Basically, we HAVE to have a combination of symbols, upper cases (3+) lower cases (8+) and numbers, and maybe upgrade the password limit to 10 since many accounts are easily getting pGed (password guessed)

4: Ability to have your google account connected to your roblox account. How this works: You have to have this to get in your roblox account (incase it gets hacked, you basically need other steps)

5: Add a pin to group payouts. So large developers or anyone largely known cant get their robux taken. Maybe to help robux be safe you have to have a pin and multiple other steps to do anything with your robux (other than buy in game stuff)

6: Popups for pc players to not paste anything into inspect element, this can help stop the javascript hack.

7: Improve the feature in customer support to get your account back. (this will be a long one)

With proof, make SURE they have gift card proof with IRL PICTURES of the back and front of code, to help, make sure they have a piece of paper next to it saying their roblox username

Improve how you can ask for your account to be deleted. People can just email support saying i want [ ] account deleted (if you know their email connected to the roblox account you want deleted)
You can make them provide proof by doing the gift card way that I stated above this.

8: Add 2FA to console accounts.

9: Ability to make our pin as long as we wish (goes with number 3)

10: Only let moderators moderate their language of the roblox playerbase that has the same language as them. This can clear up invalid views and moderation.