Security label of ActionBindings is incorrect; developer and core bindings have their security labels flipped

Developer-created binds from the ContextActionService are listed as Core, while those created by CoreScripts are listed as Developer. Normally, you’d expect it to be the other way around if you take the definitions of the security labels literally. Needless to say, CoreScript bindings still cannot be overridden or unbound by developer scripts. The only issue is that the security labels are reversed.

This seems to happen every time I bind an action via ContextActionService. To reproduce, just bind any action from ContextActionService (specifically AtPriority, unless other actions show up here as well) and check the ActionBindings tab for your binding.

This bug is not specific to any game, it happens everywhere. I can’t really provide a reasonable timeline for when I believe this may have started since I never look at the ActionBindings tab, but today was different I guess. I don’t really think knowing the time is relevant either.


Yeah, all this confusion might lead one to believe that all/most of the canned bindings cannot be
overridden, but just because you can’t unbind, does not necessarily mean that you can’t override:

Many of the canned bindings are in PlayerScripts (and do not use BindCoreAction) so you can
indeed override many of them with BindActionAtPriority.