Security of swords rule book

Welcome to the official rules of security of swords
*1. Be kind to each over
2. Training are hosted randomly so don’t ask
3. All ways put on your uniform if you have it
4. stay in line don’t come of unless trainer says you can
5, have fun in are games
6. Have anything to say about group say it to a high rank
7. Thx for reading this

Reporting some one tell one of are high ranks and we come and help you out

What we do in security of swords
1.We train you
2, we make you feel happy
3.we have lots of things to do
4.we have kind trainers and high ranks

what to do if u want to be let in group
Message a recutting officer to let u in this can take up to 3 days

What makes the group good it’s because we have all nice people in the roblox Community :grinning:

We hope you have a good time at security of sword
Thx for reading this