Security Timeout and players crashing

We’ve recently been experiencing reports of players crashing randomly in our game. We’ve got no clue why players are disconnecting and I’ve seen other posts about this but none of them have any solutions! Does anyone have a clue on what’s going on with this?


Hello, This is a Message from (roblox) Basicaly the server, Some time ago it happened that certain players were thrown out of the game due to a roblox bug

but let’s say that this happens when maybe there are loops for example while or too many assets to load in a moment when you join a map.

there isn’t much you can do about it except to better control your game and try to optimize your scripts.

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From what I can see, this has been happening since at least 2017 very infrequently. The only post I have found so far with any helpful resolution is here: Server Timeout message displaying in every server

The only helpful guidance at the end of the post about a cause was:

“No sorry, I didn’t find out the problem, just that it may be caused by lag or an infinite loop calling the client continuously.

I haven’t yet found evidence of this but I would’ve put if I had any more info”

The only other advice was here, essentially saying to create a new place and transfer your things to that new place: People are getting kicked in my game for: Security Timeout - #4 by RafaNum24

That first post was in Engine Bugs, and since the issue is not visible to you, perhaps you could get more attention posting it there if you don’t find an answer here.

Hope this helps!

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