Security Trainer guide [King Hotels]

Here you can find the Security trainer guide from King Hotels!

Only MR+ may train!


Hello, my name is (username)! I am you trainer for today!

Please listen to these rules if you are breaking any of these rules you may get demoted.

AFK is not recommended, as you may miss vital informations.


As a Security member you need to keep the Hotel safe from spammers, troller and exploiter.

You also may cuff them if they have III warnings.


You can only cuff someone if they have III warnings or if it is a exploiter.

If you abuse these tools you may get demoted.


When warning someone use this format: Warning I | Username | Reason or Warning I - Username - Reason.

Example: Warning I | Rude

Trollers/exploiter and spammers:

If someone is exploiting you may cuff them instantly and call a MR+ to kick them.

If someone is trolling you may cuff them and give them III warnings and call a MR+.

Them same is for spammers.

Now, I will show you some examples of cuff abusing.



And glitch him through walls.

Do you have any questions before we start?

Helpers, you may now commence!

Now go to the lobby