"See # new or updated topics" in category pages not working

There is a bug in the DevForum where pressing the “See # new or updated topics” in a category page is dysfunctional.

When it started happening: Unknown

  1. Press a category
  2. Wait for a new post
  3. Try to press “See # new or updated topics”
  • Impact: Minimal
    Frequency: Constantly
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The topics should appear under the category listings. Not in the category listings themselves. Scroll down.

Then what’s the point of the “See # new or updated topics” button at the top? Makes no sense. At least make the button automatically scroll down or actually have function.

Why have something for nothing?

You should file a feature request about it, or ideally submit it to meta.discourse.org so the maintainers of Discourse can take that into account. The problem is just that there’s so many subcategories in #help-and-feedback that you can’t see the threads show up.

Not a bug because this is working as intended.