See What's Coming in 2018: This Year's Developer Roadmap





Finally the future does seem bright indeed. I cannot wait! :smile:


Oh hey we’re getting a dark theme soon. Neat. :smile:

Can’t wait for the universe scripts though. That’ll be… interesting… to mess around with. Wonder how the hierarchy is gonna work if we’re in multiple DataModels at the same time…


My new favorite admin


Woohoo! Can’t wait to see these updates !


Would’ve preferred this to be announced @ RDC but AYY IM NOT COMPLAINING


I’ll be honest, if these all get completed then I will be incredibly impressed and happy. These may be legitimately the best updates to have come out in a long time.


This is amazing. Discord links, Realtime CSG, Future is Bright, Dark Theme? Way to go roblox!


So what if we own a studio group that makes multiple games? Would we be allowed to put the Discord link in the group description as well or just on the game pages?

It’d be nice to see a group feature similar to the one coming for the games as well. :smiley:

dark theme :star_struck:


So discord links ARE included in this. Correct?


Roblox may not always listen, but they did this time in the regard to allowing Discord links, even if it is only on a game’s page. :clap:


Better than nothing


This level of transparency is awesome. I couldn’t applaud it more. And everything that is listed sounds very exciting. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you Kanye, very cool!


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People would straight up be making out with each other if they announced this at RDC. They did the right choice in keeping everyone apart for something this huuuuuuuuuge.

Now, real talk.

When is the Dark Theme for the DevForum?


Thanks for revealing this info, I’ve always thought devs had the right to know what’s up in real-time. I’m partially suprised about Discord links, obviously happy!


Looking forward to these features, especially ‘Universe Script & Game Services’, ‘Social Media Links’, and ‘Animation Editor IK Support’. Kudos for publishing this roadmap document.


Dark theme :wink:

I cant wait for all of these updates! Thank you!!!


The future is now.


Just get the chrome extension.