See What's Coming in 2018: This Year's Developer Roadmap


Or I can wait for the real thing.


But that would require Discourse to release a dark theme.
Discourse is not going to do that.


The setting is currently designed for the Games Page and only visible for 13+ users. This will be the only area for the link to be displayed. You will have to include the social media link per each game. Please do not add the social media link to anything outside of that specific setting.

We don’t have information at this time around implementing a similar feature to groups.


No do it now


I can’t wait for all of these updates. For far, it looks like 2018 is going to be a great year for developing on Roblox.


Realtime CSG? This is going to take some serious engineering brainpower. I can’t wait to see what the initial system looks like. This is something that will open up an undescribable amount of opprotunity if it’s effecient enough.


I thought Roblox transferred the forums to their server for the purpose of “doing anything they want.”


Sounds almost boring too an extent, but I am HYPED for new Universe script stuff for matchmaking etc.
Means I can make a real-time global marketplace, hopefully.
Also I really hope the script Packages mean I can have the same scripts in every place in my Universe without having to copy/paste or load them in from InsertService.



These updates will be excellent! Wonder how the lighting system will perform…


I can’t wait - but this would mean that they’d have to completely change how they handle CSG right? Each different shape is stored as a separate asset right now AFAIK.


All the things we need especially


I’m sure it will perform really well. They announced it and got a great response a year or so ago. That’s plenty of time to refine things from Future is Bright.


I don’t see a single thing on this list that I don’t like.
Future is bright, real time CSG, LoD on meshes… It’s all so good.


I’ll soon be one step closer to having everything dark themed! :heart_eyes: :tada:


christmas came early boys


If I have Twitter/Discord/etc hooked up to that list, can I put “You can provide feedback via the Discord server shown in the social media list” without providing the link in the description itself? Otherwise it will be difficult for me to point users to provide feedback on the game.


6 months early


Certainly happy about these.


I’m really intrigued about the universe level scripts, they’ll most likely have their own instance, but where would you edit them? From the “Game” tab?


Will status updates being sent to players that follow each other on site be fixed with this update? It’s been broken for years.