See whether a user is banned

Non developer-side request, but regardless:

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently too hard to know whether a certain user is either offline, or banned for a day/3 days/1 week/etc.

A simple notice saying ‘This user is banned for X days’ would be very useful in finding out if a person is banned or not. Obviously it wouldn’t include the moderation notice, but just a simple notice that the user is banned would be quite useful in a sense.

The same termination rules will still apply, but simply when viewing a users profile, some red text in a box could come up saying that this user is banned, and will update as the days go by.


I’m pretty sure this is intentional – for privacy’s sake. Users who get banned may not want that information to be public.

Do you have a specific reason you want to know if someone’s banned or not?


I wish they allowed you to visit their profiles still.
Just give a notice at the top of the page saying “This user is banned/deleted”


From my understanding, only terminated accounts have missing profiles – temporarily banned accounts’ profiles can still be accessed. I think it’s done this way so users who get terminated for inappropriate usernames can’t be displayed anymore.


Do they not CD the usernames anymore?

I’m pretty sure they have in the past, but I also know of accounts that were terminated for inappropriate usernames instead of having their username deleted. It may be an idiosyncrasy of the moderation tools ROBLOX uses. Regardless, if we started displaying terminated users’ profiles, accounts that had previously been terminated to hide their inappropriate username would now be visible, so I don’t think we’ll ever see that happen. Especially because there’s limited usefulness in a terminated user’s profile.


As some folks have already said, it’s intentional that we do not display moderation statuses on accounts, as a privacy concern and that this tends to lead to harassment/bullying behavior, although you can in a sense “see” that an account has been deleted. We’re continuing to work on improving this behavior, but it’s very unlikely that we’d ever display someone’s ban status or even a clear deletion status as this is a privacy concern and becomes a focal point for potentially inappropriate content or behavior.

Is there a specific reason or technical function that’s being affected by this?


I can’t think of a developer’s situation where it would be advantageous to know how long a user is banned for, not to mention the privacy concern regarding the disclosure of what is essentially moderation history to the public.
Could you give an example or two?


I know there was one point where we could visit terminated user profiles, not sure if it was a bug at the time, but I was able to visit 1dev2’s profile, and other terminated accounts. (This was around 2013/2014 I believe)

If you had the user as a friend when they were banned completely you can see some little notice that they were(Not really a notice, but the text makes it obvious).

Pretty much exactly what I was wanting, just got banned and not terminated accounts

Yeah there’s not much of a developer advantage, hence why I said ‘Not a developer-side request, but regardless’

The reason why I thought of this suggestion was when I saw the moderation action on the devforums when someone is banned, there’s some text that says how long they’re banned for.

Again, I can’t think of anything developer related that could be a benefit to developers, but this would be a nice feature to have for your own personal insight.

It doesn’t have to be developer related. As a normal user, what benefit would this provide over satisfying curiosity?

I can’t think of anything else mainly. I just thought it’d be a neat feature to have

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Since the question was asked as a developer, I assumed it would be important to the dev community, so I based my question on that. Sorry for the misunderstanding :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d agree to have the feature implemented if it didn’t affect user privacy, but it does, and that is something I think we must always do our best to protect.

Would just a vague thing saying “This user is banned” with no time period, etc, still affect user privacy as much?

There is something in-place like this, for when a user is terminated. Something similar could maybe be in placed for a banned user? Although generally you’ll know if your friend got banned just by talking to them.
See how “Zolerus” has a white box, while “WonkaKid” has a grey box, it indicates that Wonka was terminated.

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I’d say so, definitely.
The only time it’s obvious is when an account is deleted (terminated), since you can’t access their profile anymore. However, that user no longer exists and will not come back to people making fun of them or anything along those lines.

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I mean, if you don’t know the ban reason, there really isn’t anything to make fun of a user for. If you do, then you’re just picking at stuff, and most likely have a worse track sheet than the person being “made fun of”. Lol.