Seeing all hidden services/objects

Is there a good approach to properly editing ReflectionMetadata to allow hidden objects or services to show? I’ve tried the following with no success:

  • Searching the forum | Returned vague answers
  • Ctrl + H “Browsable”>false to “Browsable”>true | Have a feeling I messed something up

Oh nice, answered my own question. I just threw in

<string name="ExplorerOrder">num</string>

To everything I wanted to see, and it worked. Don’t know if it’ll save when Studio updates though.

I think there’s a setting within File > Settings that you can set to allow this. Something about the browsable level or whatever.

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I have it set to Roblox however the services did not show. I was, however, able to see deprecated and hidden functions in places like AutoComplete in the Script Editor.