Seeing players through walls

Quick Note
This is not a bug report, It’s just me on questioning if i could do this. No bugs or any relation to the engine.

Hello devs!

I’m currently bored so i went and experiment with viewport frames.

I’ve made stuff like thisimage
But i just noticed something…

What if you could use it to view your team allies through walls? It would be easier to know where your allies are.

Or maybe like in l4d2 where you can see them through walls (except in realism mode) using a glow effect around them.

Is there any way of achieving this? I’ve been searching for a solution all over the devforum but i’m sure i want to experiment with it.

Increase the value of the “Transparency” property of the part instance.

It does work but it’s uncomfortable outside the geometry.

It’s a great one tho.

But instead of increase you can lower it.

Could Handles ( or BillboardGui ( (with AlwaysOnTop ( enabled) work as a possible solution to this?

Someone actually already did this. I don’t have the exact post, but it looked pretty cool. If you’re interested in doing this, here are some tips:

  • Use a viewport frame for each character (so it fits the max res)
  • Use Camera:WorldToScreenPoint or something similar to position the frames
  • Don’t create frames for characters too far off screen
  • Modify the character before putting it in the frame. I believe the one I saw set the material of all the mesh parts to force field which had a cool effect.
  • One problem might be the outline character looking strange because it will draw over the character. To combat this, you could reduce the transparency of the viewport stuff if the other character is close by.

Found a resource you might be interested in:

I actually managed to render players through walls by creating a viewport frame, putting it in a ui and updating the ui’s position based on where the player was. I’m not willing to give code but I can tell you it was INCREDIBLY difficult to make.

A better thing to do is just have a round circle determine where other players are. What I made lags way too much and I tried very much to optimize it yet it still lags.

I just scrolled for over 10 minutes trying to find this.

It’s apparently a new object called Highlight coming to Roblox sometime soon.

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