Seeking a builder to finish up our SCP Area 51 Complex [10k+]

Hey there,

My friend has been working on an ‘SCP Genre’ site for a very long time now, but has recently lost interest due to a higher paying job offer by a long-time friend.

It is imperative that it is finished, otherwise all the other assets (and the site itself) will not be used, and instead will be trashed. He has given his permission for the Site to be finished by another person.

The site is about 90% finished Build-wise, with some final touches being needed on the interior and some minor exterior work. It is also in need of some terrain modernisation.

It’s essentially an underground site that is situated underneath Area 51. If you are not familiar with the SCP Genre, it essentially is a storage, containment and testing facility to hold anomalous (basically, creepypasta) items. The group itself is very large, and can reasonably assure that your work will be played by a constant community of about 30-50 players at a time.

Heres some pictures of our current site:

If you are interested, hmu on my messages or reply here. The site owner is willing to pay 10k (or more, please feel free to bargain), or a percentage of profits when we release the site ontop of that (if you continue work, you may also be granted a High up position dedicated to the top-tier developers).

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