Seeking Advice for Adding Christmas Lights to My Lobby

I primarily specialize in scripting and programming, but for my current game, I’m venturing into building. I’m working on creating a lobby, and I’m wondering what the most effective approach would be to add something like Christmas lights all around, similar to where I’ve placed the blue dots

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I welcome any advice or suggestions for the lobby, so please don’t hesitate to share your ideas and insights.

I can’t tell what you mean by what is the most effective. If you mean most effective in terms of what’s easiest? I’d say make a couple modular models of christmas lights where you can make a string of christmas lights to be any length and since its modular (and hopefuly designed for such) will look seemless. If you mean what is the most aesthetically pleasing or nice to see in the game, personally I enjoy floating lights and floating decorations in christmas games. Makes the environment feel more magical. Maybe have some stars or glowing bulbs or even ornaments with some light instances on them to give a nice glow. The best parts of christmas games is the magical feeling they give.

Instead of a line of Christmas lights make them have a sort of u shape to make it look like they are hanging because there is slack in the cords.