Seeking feedback on an FPS game


I’m seeking more feedback on Caliber, which is linked below:

In the past I’ve created feedback posts for earlier versions. Now that the game is out of demo and slowly building up, I believe it’s time to gather feedback from developers again.

Here is a trailer as well, if you would like a quick sneak peek first:

Any and all feedback is considered! If something breaks, please send error logs.



Dont ur team have pbr devs like me. The gun and maps looks off with the guns. The trailer must have some scenes made in blender would be cool.

I’m not quite sure what you’re saying here. Can you restate the question?

I was talking about ur maps which are bit off theme. Try some mesh terrain and high quality builders for ur game. As well as add pbr to guns.

We do use mesh terrain… and we also have PBR on every gun.

For the theme, could you clarify?

Not much into shooter games, but that trailer is straight fire. That bass drop sent a shiver down my spine and the montages in the trailer were awesome. Keep it up!


The default material used in maps are awkward. The buildings are not much detailed

  • I had some UI scaling issues with the kill screen fade. and just when being shot.

  • Preload important image assets like the scopes.

  • Level design feels rushed and wasn’t too fun to play on the maps.

  • The shotgun range feels pretty good, it is a lot more realistic than what we see in other games and makes using a shotgun practical on these open maps.

  • Gun shot sounds are not great, specifically, the ASVAL or at least the SFX of the guns is a much higher quality than the shot sounds.

  • In-game Ui is great, the main menu doesn’t seem to match it too well though, specifically the border pieces being orange and red is a bit distracting.

  • Go through and look at areas players can get stuck, I got stuck in a window frame with a overhanging canopy that got me stuck until I wiggled my way out.

My biggest issue

*The guns animations are way to floaty, I will not return to the game because of this as it drives me up the wall. ASH12 is the perfect example, there is no reason the back iron sight should swing up and past the camera, the STG44 does feel pretty good

  • The trailer, had I actually watched it when looking for a game, I would have instantly clicked off, in fact, I was hesitant to even join the game after reading this post. It just is too kill montage like with transitions and editing I really just hate. Though this did seem like a trend in the creator’s work besides one of the frontlines videos.

  • The inventory opens 4 options, Weapons, Melee, Operators, items 3 of which point back to the main menu, if they aren’t being used remove them or at least just put “COMING SOON” Though removing them will be much better for new users, same goes for the settings button.

  • Roblox does not allow for the discord invite link to be displayed in the game, this is against TOS and I highly recommend removing it, you can link it to the game but it cannot be in a text or image.
    Also, the blood needs to have a toggle button, I got in some trouble with that one.

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I feel like guns do too much damage, it feels like csgo or valorant damage. Which doesn’t really work for a fast paced game like this in my opinion.

What??? If anything the guns don’t do enough damage since this is fast paced.

Could you clarify on this?

This is already done :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there particular maps that feel better than others? Are there some that are completely unbearable to play?

It’s allowed since it is wrapped in the policy API.

It was confirmed to me in-person by various developers and staff this it’s alright. Xbox and Mobile users cannot see these effects.


Yep, the kill screen black fade is off by about 10px from the left side and the bottom.

The desert-style buildings map, it felt like the squad maps in terms of Afghanistan or Iraq. Though it did feel cramped but I think that’s okay as you mixed it up with each map.

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it feels to easy, it only works in val or cs because you can’t sprint that fast so you compensate by having good aim. It doesn’t feel right to me, I play a lot of fps games.