Seeking Feedback on First Full Avatar Outfit Project

Hello! As Valentines comes near, I really wanted to settle down and work on some stuff to celebrate the Holiday. I was unsure whether or not I wanted to do clothing, or UGC concepts, or even face designs, so I settled on doing all three at once. This is the first project of mine like this, but hopefully not the last. My main goal here was to utilize my skills in making a full-fleshed outfit by making my own original clothing, face, and UGC concepts.

What I have finished currently is:

  • 2 Original 2D Clothing Pieces (Shirt and Skirt)
  • 1 Original 2D Roblox Face
  • 3 Original UGC Concepts

Everything in this showcase, with the exception of the hair (made by GENKROCO) was made entirely by me using Blender and Procreate.

I am looking for any valuable feedback regarding my current work in each of the areas described, as well as any suggestions for future full outfit ideas. I truly had a lot of fun working on this project, and I am very excited to see how I will be able to take my love for 2D clothes/face and 3D accessories and continue to work on meshing them together. Sorry for the long read, but thank you so much for any comments or feedback.



Beautiful work! though, the neck line on the shirt clips but it is barely noticable. I also absolutely love the entire theme!


Thank you so much! Yes I noticed that too! I think when I was designing I forgot to account for the two pixel space between the top-torso and front-torso maps, so my lineart probably went a little further outward! But thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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