Seeking Feedback on Low-Poly Portal

Hello! This is my first post ever. I am seeking feedback on this portal I recently modeled in Blender, any feedback is appreciated!

Portal Clip


It looks great! Are you going to add some cool effects for the portal?

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It amazing, I love the shape and the rocks around it!
I am looking forward to see the portal in textures!

if you want a suggestion I would add runes letters on the side or on the rocks around it
but it’s up to you honestly because it looks perfectly great!

Good job! :+1:

I really like this model. Perhaps, if you are looking for a more of an old, ruined look on it, you could add some vines hanging down from the top.

Looks amazing! Can you make a model of it? I was thinking of using the model for my game but its fine if not!