Seinaru Temple (神社) | Showcase

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:mega: Personal Message

Hi! Personal message… I truly enjoyed creating this portfolio, aside from the roofs. Though it is pretty, I am NEVER making this style of game on this scale again… Enjoy! :))

:page_facing_up: Showcase Details

Roam the vast lands of Osaka, far away from the metropolitan… and while you’re at it, visit the Temple! With cherry blossom trees that are hundreds of years old, the Temple is a vast and huge architectural masterpiece…

:camera_flash: Game Thumbnails

:building_construction: Credits

Showcase is inspired by Les Beyond East by Divine Sister.
All other models are made by ME! Sojacheo! :relaxed:
Decals and textures are made with Procreate and from the internet. :globe_with_meridians:

:bar_chart: Stats

Parts: 4k+
Voxels: 333m+
Instances: 13k+
Time Taken: 3 weeks (4/27/22-5/7/22)