"Select a category before typing" bypass bug

When selecting a category before posting, you are not allowed to type until you select a category, so the appropriate format can be shown in screen. That being said, I have located the following way to bypass this limitation:

I believe this is certainly not intentional and should be looked into ASAP.


This is a Discourse thing than it is Roblox’s. You should report it to the meta forum.


I think all the forum bugs are discourse-related so it doesn’t really matter. I think DevRel follows up with a bug report to Discourse if it’s actually true.

They aren’t but this one seems to be. You also can file a bug report as a regular user. I have in the past with different things both as a user and an admin for a forum.

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I attempted this bug and tried to post it, this is the result, so, bypass failed

The format should still appear, as a guide for each topic, rendering them completely useless if you just bypass the format.

What does “the format” mean? I’m confused

For example in #help-and-feedback:code-review , you get the following pre-made text as a guide to help you out when creating a topic. This shouldn’t happen.

This doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, as you have to upload an image first, which usually isn’t the first thing most users do when posting. They usually type out their support topic first then provide images if needed.


It’s still categorized as a bug right? Whether this has a big or smaller impact, it still needs to be addressed.

I’m just saying it’s likely low priority, since it doesn’t critically affect the forum. The “ASAP” at the end implies it’s going to break the forum or something.


This seems like a harmless front-end-only quirk, we likely won’t be able to prioritize patching this or following up on it ourselves, so considering this a “won’t fix”. You are free to report it to Discourse so they can pick it up.


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