Select Parent Feature

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently difficult and time consuming to select models that are nested in another model (for organization or other).

In this example, I would like to select the models “Modular_Window02” that are located inside the model “ModularBuilding.” Currently the only way to achieve this is to Ctrl + Alt + Click (which selects the lowest child Part instance) in each model, and then in Explorer, select each model (essentially doubling the required clicks to achieve the action). When using multiple models, this can get time consuming.

I would like to suggest a method to streamline this common use case by maintaining the Ctrl + Alt + Click selection, but much like the Select Children tool, move up the hierarchy to Select Parent.


Currently Roblox has a tool to select the highest parent Model (Click) and work down to the lowest child (Select Children), as well as a way to select the lowest child (Ctrl + Alt + Click) but there’s currently no way to work up to the highest parent.

A feature like this would streamline a common use case as more developers organize and manage model hierarchy in more complex assets. My specific use case was using static buildings and even then it was time consuming.

Edit: There is a plugin made by @Maelstronomer ( that achieves this workflow improvement, but an actual feature would still be useful for everyone who doesn’t know of this plugin.