Select parts confirmation (safety measure) for Studio

As a developer working with huge maps such as Terminal Railways, I experience the unfortunate event every once in a while of slipping when selecting/highlighting an object in the map or in the Explorer, and end up selecting half of the map. With a couple tens of thousands of parts, accidentally selecting a large portion of them almost always ends up crashing Studio, essentially throwing out whatever work I’ve been doing in the past few minutes.

I am proposing a way for developers to toggle a notification confirming if they want to select over a certain number of objects at a time. For example, I slip up and hover a selection highlight over half the map, a message would pop up asking, “Are you sure you want to select these parts?” with a yes or no confirmation. Being able to opt out of this accidental selection would save me a lot of trouble and tears, and for devs who aren’t like me who can actually control their mouse can turn this feature off.



I don’t see this being added as a feature. Pretty intrusive and annoying even if you can turn it off. Also most people don’t work with maps so big that selecting half of it crashes their comp.

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The size of the game is irrelevant. It would effect those depending on their computer’s performance in handling so many selected at once. Some can select thousands, others only hundreds, so I can totally see this effecting enough devs to have it be considered. On my laptop studio would probably crash but my desktop should be fine, but having so many selection boxes rendered on the screen would make even really good computers lose a lot of FPS which is what I assume is causing the crashing. This is why I lock parts that I am fairly certain I don’t need to modify for a long while, to prevent me from accidentally selecting more than I should.

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This would be useful if it happened only to parts within a folder. I hate it when I select a part or model that happens to be in a folder using qCmdUtl by Quenty and then it grabs every other object within the same folder which can eventually either crash Studio or cause an unknowing action to all the selected items.

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