Select Tool causes studio lag (FPS)

I’ve had this for well over a few months but it’s really starting to bother me now.

In the HOME category in studio, the Select, Move, Scale, and Rotate options causes my studio to lag whenever I have them selected.

Before selecting anything

After selecting

You can see the little cuts between frames.

Thing I’ve tried:

Updating Drivers
Disabling some pluggins
Closing Applications
Restarting Studio
Restarting PC

I have come across the same issue in a game made by my community.
Game: City of Kyiv - Roblox

If anyone knows anything that’d help a lot. We tried deleting all the meshparts, surfaceappearances, lighting objects, smoke objects, etc. Nothing helps.
It is doing same thing as reported in this thread.

False alarm. We discovered a dev no longer on team must have placed a Humanoid object as child of Workspace which for some reason causes massive lag whenever Studio Select part tools are toggled on.