Select Tool from Terrain Editor should be able to select terrain using Map Settings

Using the Select tool in Terrain Editor only allows you to click and drag across terrain to select. In bigger maps of terrain it can be difficult to select larger areas of terrain by just clicking and holding across terrain. The problem I run into with copying terrain is I have to click and drag across large portions of terrain using the Select tool to be able to copy that part of terrain. I don’t find it the most efficient way to be able to copy/paste terrain, or select terrain through large terrain maps.

It would be easier to select terrain across a large terrain map by using map positions and size compared to clicking and holding the mouse button across the entire map. This would be similar to how the Sea Level tool works by using the tool to select a area of terrain using Map Settings.

Example of what could be added to the Select tool excluding the Evaporate and Create buttons.


Support, the way sea level currently works is very efficient. If the select tool would be tweaked to work the same way I would be able to select a large swath of area while having the option of coordinates, compared to me having to copy + paste the same small chunk of terrain without being exact.

Bump, this is literally needed for every game that relies on terrain instead of parts.