Selectable property true by default?

I was wondering if there is any reason for the Selectable property in any GuiObject to be true by default? I think this causes a lot of inconvenience when navigating with UI especially if the developer relies on the default navigation controls Roblox provides every game with, specifically for gamepad users.

I think it would be better if all GuiObjects came with the Selectable property set as false by default except for TextButton and ImageButton.

What are your thoughts? Am I missing out on something?

EDIT: I made a mistake and thought the Selectable property was set to true by default when in fact it wasn’t. It just happened that I might have accidentally set one to true and after using the same frame and finishing the UI, my whole UI turned out to be selectable. Sorry.


Try and insert a TextLabel and notice it’s not set to true by default. Do the same with a TextButton, and it will be set to true by default. I’m not certain how you’re getting this “any GuiObject to be set true by default”.