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Hey there, so I am working a bit on some roof lighting and it is too bright, but the issue is, it is way too bright, so I want to select all the lights but how do I select each one, do I have to Individually Ctrl+click or should I just use a script.

There are way more rows of lights btw

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I would recommend using this plugin. You can select all the lights by going to each light and pressing control for all. You can edit them all at once. It’s really useful. Hope this helps :smiley:

I would also recommend changing “stuff” to “lights” in the title-

You can either look up “SurfaceLight” in explorer, or manually select all of them. The easiest way is to look up “SurfaceLight” in explorer.

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That is what I did but there are around 100 lights and I really dont want to select each one

Your only options are to either manually select all of them, or install Light Editor - a plugin.

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You can also use shift. Select the top light, hold shift, and select the bottom light. It selects all lights in between :slight_smile:

run something similar in the command bar

 for _, des in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
        if des:IsA("Light") then 
           des.Brightness = 0.5 -- or whatever value

it’ll loop through all descendants in workspace and overwrite each light related object’s Brightness property

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did that too but it selects the part and doesnt allow me to changw the properties of the lighting and only the part

Then maybe try using this?

Thx it worked (30 characters )

You laso have to select each individual one, Exectro’s worked, but anyway thx for the help

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I’ve removed the tag from your title–marking a solution in a support thread indicates that it’s been solved. :slight_smile:

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