Selection boxes grow in size for big parts

System: Windows 11
Studio Version: Version 0.598.0.5980624 (64bit)
Beta Features: Disabled
Plugins: Disabled

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Use provided settings (Not that it matters)

  2. Enable Selection Style “Bounding Boxes” or “Both”

  3. Make a long part, is easier to see when the part is not width but only long

Expected Behavior: Selection size stays the same at all time
Actual Behavior: Selection size grows larger the part is, at the edges of the parts you don’t see anything but when viewing it in the middle the behavior is back to normal.

Better example of actual behavior

As far I’m considered I only experienced it since the most recent update or at least only noticed it now.

Similar Reports
@Wayyllon reported something similar, but with orientation couldn’t tell if it was about the same thing.


I have been experiencing this too!

I can confirm that this has actually been a bug for months!

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I assume it has something to do with part size.
The selection box thickness is dynamic (scales with distance to parts) and I assume it only takes distance to center of the object into account. It’s probably an oversight, i dunno. Either make dynamic thickness toggleable or work on making it take sizes into account.

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It’s intentional. The selection box grows the further your camera is away from the part’s origin to help visibility. When resizing, the center of the part changes, so it’s farther away from the camera.

Thanks for the report! Just to confirm, we have a ticket for this in our internal database.


Hello! I’m looking into this issue and can’t seem to reproduce the same bug. Can anybody confirm if this issue still persists or if it has been fixed?

Thanks for your help!

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It still is happening for me

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Greetings, I am looking into this bug now.

I have found a problem and a fix, but it only applies to parts that are rotated.
@DevJanick and @Z19th and @bluebxrrybot can you check your worlds and tell me:

Is it true that you only see the problem on rotated parts?

If the rotation is (0,0,0) then I can never reproduce this.

But if the part is rotated, even if it’s 90 degrees and therefore looks grid-aligned, this is when the problem shows itself.

Please confirm? I have a fix coming for the rotated case.

I created a small script to show the thickness at every angle. It seems to be changing depending on how close it is to 0 or 180. The closer it is, the more normal it is.

Hopefully this helps! This video measures the Y axis of a part rotating only on the Y axis.

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Haha that is awesome that you added music.
Based on what you showed me, I’m happy to say that I have a fix for it. The fix will go live in January. I’ll post back here when that happens.


This bug has been fixed! You should no longer see the incorrect behavior.