Selection Error

I noticed sometimes when selecting parts and models, when I try to unselect by clicking in the sky or another object, it doesn’t work. Not sure what is causing this but I think this is a new issue. At first I thought it was just meshes but now it’s happening with everything. If anything knows why this is happening keep me posted!

Thanks! Any help or info is very appreciated.


I’m experiencing this too, seems to happen when you press shift while the explorer is in focus. Also makes the camera slower until I press shift again.


Same thing happening to me as well

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I am also experiencing this issue as well in Studio.

Happening to me too

This is really annoying, it happens every time I edit a property of a GUI object


Can confirm, to cancel the selection I have to select a different model in the explorer. When I try to select anything else physically through Workspace it just adds it to the selection. I also noticed that the camera movement is slowed down significantly when this issue happens.


I thought I was going crazy! I’m getting this too. I was wondering whether it’s just Roblox not playing friendly with blender in the background, or me getting confused from swapping from RMB to select in blender to LMB in Roblox but I guess it actually is a bug with studio then.

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This describes the problem perfectly. They probably already know about it then.

I thought I was going crazy too! Glad to know this is a bug.

There is a work around, simply hit CTRL + A and select everything. Then click on the sky and it will fix the issue. WARNING : if your computer can’t handle a selection that large simply wait about 3 minutes and the problem will resolve itself. Lets hope they fix the issue soon.

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I am also experiencing this.

Also, I moved the topic to Studio Bugs since this bug is a studio bug.

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I have also been experiencing this the past couple of days; referring to the slowed down camera movement in the game explorer.

I have this problem as well, very frustrating.

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Yup, same here for the past 2-3 days.
Clicking the sky or Locked Parts won’t deselect the Parts in Models that were selected using Alt left click.
Can only deselect the selected items by selecting another item in the Explorer window.
Doesn’t happen every time a Part in a Model is selected though.

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To get around this bug simply click an empty area in the explorer!

I’m posting this here because it has more views than my post.

I have found a potential cause of the problem!

I have noticed that the issue tends to occur whenever you copy and paste any item (such as decals, truss blocks, meshparts, particles, scripts, or any other part) onto multiple blocks at a time. I have not noticed this bug occurring whenever you paste any of these on only one item at a time.

To clarify the OP (since the title of the related threads are mis-characterizing the bug), the cause of this bug is that the studio mouse registers when Shift or Ctrl are held, but do not register when the button is let go if you mouse off into the explorer or other parts of studio. So, the bug will appear when holding shift while renaming an object in the explorer panel, editing properties, or entering things on the command line.

It will also affect plugins; the plugins I am using will register that shift or control are pressed, but not register when they are released.

This is really annoying, and I have to focus the 3d window, and press left shift, right shift, left control, right control, and release every time I want to do something that this bug hinders.