Selection History v1.0.8

Don’t You Hate Selecting Something Then Selecting something else and forgetting what you previously selected? Well I Got the PERFECT Plugin for you!

Selection History Is a Plugin I Made that allows you to go back and select things that you’ve previously selected with just a Click of a Button! It even shows how long ago you selected the Asset!

Install Here:


This is pretty cool. The UI is nice as well.

Though I just want to say that the Icons module in the plugin is entirely unnecessary.
See StudioService:GetClassIcon

Maybe set the resamping mode of the image labels to pixelated as well? So they are not blurry?

Would be nice if it can see what multiple items you previously selected are.

Thanks! Also, didn’t even know there was something to get class icons. Will use that for the new icons! I’ll set the image labels to pixelated as well so they aren’t blurry. Thank You for the suggestions!

Yeah, plan on adding that later on. Thanks for the suggestion btw.


I like the idea of the plugin. Is there a list view instead of grid view? I think it would be really useful! :smiley: