Selection of textures

Hello developers!

I would like to ask you what textures I can use in Roblox. Because 3 weeks ago I got a warning for the keyboard texture that I used it. Now I want to use the texture “fence” so I ask you if I can use it to avoid the warning. Well thank you.

And I’m sorry if I misspelled this topic.

You can’t really avoid your textures being moderated. Something you could do if avoid some really bright colors and make the image not look like it is a smaller image from a big image.

You should publish your games frequently to avoid progress being lost if you think you would get a warning from a image

This can be tricky, because ROBLOX has certain ways of determining weither a texture breaks the ToS or not. Try to go for an image that complies with all things listed under the Terms of Service for Content uploading such as decals. Make sure it’s something easy to read, understand and is appropriate. If it’s just a fence texture with an image that re-creates a realistic fence from real life, then that should be fine. Its hit or miss sometimes. Always make sure you read over the terms of service if you think you might break a rule. Disclaimer though, I’m not an expert in this field. I cannot confirm nor deny what will be moderated or not. Just make sure it follows terms of service and you should be fine.

I’m good to read the Terms and Conditions. Because I would like to use this texture.

I mean, I’m not ROBLOX Staff, but nothing seems wrong with that image. Just metal wires attached together. It should be fine if you upload it.

if that was the texture you where using and got warned for, i think it is because it has a water mark on it, not 100% sure though