SelectionBox for Viewportframes

Hello everyone, to make it simple, today is the first time ever i’m using viewportframes and i managed to make mine work as intended:
But as you see in the image, it’s kinda bad looking, no shadows, corners and sides are basically invisible, so I was wondering if maybe I can add a simple selectionbox in the part… but I noticed that it seem not to be working as intended, in fact, when I set the adornee to the viewportframe’s part, the outline isn’t visible in the frame, instead, it’s randomly placed in the workspace at presumably the same position as the part (0, 0, 0)
I tried LineHandleAdornement but I get roughly the same result, anyone has idea how can I make this work or do I have to make the sides by myself as parts? Thanks in advance. (note that I created the viewportframe not through a script, so if you know more about this topic, please tell me if it’s better through script or not, and also how to increase the part quality?)

You can add another viewport frame on top of that one with background transparency set to 1 with more parts that build the outline of the main part, so you don’t have to script anything.

I managed to find only a decent solution which is the one I wrote myself and it’s similar to yours, but instead of creating another viewportframe, I just added more parts to the main part visible by the viewportframe, it works perfectly, and I don’t have to script anything to move the borders along the camera, but anyway I will check your reply as the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: for anyone wondering how it looks like:

(ignore the setcolor script, it’s just a thing I made to make the border colors complementary to the main part to make it look fine).

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